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What does “normal” mean? The definition of “normal” is: conforming to standard; usual, typical, or expected. Basically, anything we are used to. Having said that, I can undoubtedly state that we as humans, got used to an absurd and unthinkable amount of the most dogmatic, arrogant, and right in your face barbaric sh#t to ever be in the same space as “human rights”.


But that’s the norm. Why would you question authorities and the makers of our system? You are not being deprived of anything, you are not being lied to about anything or forced to do something against your will, right? Why don’t we all just pay taxes on time, keep voting for the next president, get our prescriptions and shut the f#ck up. This is normal!


What is not normal, is when we start to stray away from conventional paradigms, and approach our leaders with difficult questions.


– “Well, well, well, what do we have here? The monkeys are starting to realize they are being kept in the zoo and treated like animals! Quick! Turn the news on and have them brainwashed again!”.


We all have these common symptoms of wonder: when we feel that we’re doing the opposite of what we’re supposed to be doing, when things around us don’t feel right, and when we start asking ourselves – “is this how our life always was, or did something somewhere go terribly wrong?”.


– “The absurdities of life never cease to astound us, because we fail to see that we are the ones to allow it”.


The choices we make regarding our education, career, food, health, entertainment, religion etc. are self-destructive in the long run. Whatever happened to our collective consciousness? It’s like the Gods got high one evening and ever since we’ve been off the rails. We got used to how things are, and as the evolving species we forgot our true path, and thus, the human forgotten. This human resides in all of us, he is loving, full of vigor, prosperous and free. This human is a creator, and not a destroyer.


We are here to recall, to re-invent the human, and to transcend.


Written by SilentRoy

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