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May 7, 2019

What is brainwashing? In the dictionary it says: the process of pressuring someone into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means. That’s fair enough, but what exactly is it in our day-to-day life? Let’s try to keep our minds open as we ponder over the following:


What is a diamond? It is a highly valued precious stone. Alrighty, but what else is it? Well, it’s a physical object found in the ground, it doesn’t turn back time or give you superpowers, and yet people die because of it.


What is hell in Christian theology? It’s a place or state in which by God’s definitive judgement unrepentant sinners pass after death. Great, but what else is it? Erm, it’s a word of mouth and you can read about it in a book, it has less credibility than the tooth fairy but somehow millions of people lose their screws over it.



Where am I heading with all of this? Let me put it this way:


You can take a random rock, and convince an entire population that its value can provide all the riches one’s heart desires, and in that case, I guarantee that you will not be able to find a single piece of rock laying on the ground. You can take this even further and invent an idea which will change the course of humanity, for example, make over two billion people believe the fable of a terrifying purgatory. It doesn’t really matter if it’s going to sound far-fetched, because in the “brainwashing industry” anything goes as long as those in power are running the show. So, let’s say, tomorrow they decide that anyone with an IQ less than 90 is automatically labeled as having DDS (Dumb & Dumber Syndrome), then from that moment onward it will be as normal as ADHD, OCD, PTSD, SAD and so on.


The diamond and hell are nothing but ideas with an imaginary value and meaning, but at the same time someone is definitely profiting from it in one way or another, otherwise it would make no sense. Things of this nature are entrenched in our culture, but how on earth did this happen?


It is not “how”, but “what” has happened. The system, the giant brainwashing machine that is constantly processing each and everyone of us since kindergarten and all the way until our retirement, that’s what has happened. Anyhow, I am not surprised, because if you want to ingrain your bullsh#t in people’s heads, this is exactly how you do it: with a help of a massive and methodical mechanism of indoctrination.


To make this even more obvious, let me demonstrate another example. I am about to invent an idea which will visit your mind for the first time ever:


Latest scientific studies in the field of human biology are making headlines, as shocking results came in yesterday after another DNA experiment. It has been discovered that our human bodies age faster than they should, and the reason for this, is that we constantly mix our bloodlines. Every race (asian, black, white etc.) has a slightly different DNA strand which is being compromised upon interbreeding. When two distinctive DNA codes merge in the process of conceiving, each of them starts to preserve its original blueprint by cannibalizing the invading one, and since the two DNA structures become one, we observe a slow but definite self-destruction. The system then becomes weakened, and thus, speeds up the aging process”.


If we want to live longer, we should keep our bloodlines as pure as possible and avoid interracial sexual intercourse entirely!” – a statement issued today by the medical racism university of Bollocksville.



Now, of course that’s drivel. However, a small seed of this concept will remain in your consciousness on some level, just like everything else, whether it’s true or not. This was just a quick, made up news flash, but what if its message was fed to the masses through a global brainwashing apparatus: the education system, the media, the health industry, social standards, just to name a few.


That is, the purest form of brainwashing, and it’s happening today. Everyday.


Written by SilentRoy

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