iPhone To Replace Your Brains

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August 10, 2019

If you can’t live without your smartphone, at least consider the following:

Delete most apps leaving only the basic ones.

Turn notifications off, apart from the vital ones (people will call you if it’s urgent).

Check your social media accounts only when there is a need, and not out of boredom.

Practice humbleness (your life is not as interesting as you might think, and all those cringy selfies mean sh*t to others, so next time you’re having a mocha latte with sprinkled chocolate – leave your phone in your pocket and enjoy the damn coffee).

Interact with people/environment and stay present, instead of duck-taping your face to the phone screen.



Written, performed, and edited by SilentRoy

Camera – Olly Plu Photography

Music – Adam Vitovsky – Care

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