Religious Puppeteering

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March 14, 2019

911, what is your emergency?

I have lost him! Help me! I can’t find him!

Sir, calm down, who is it that you can’t find?

The man in a robe, with a beard and long hair! Where is he God damn it?! I have looked everywhere! Should I look in the clouds again?!

Sir, I need you to relax now, this happens to all of us. The priest and a few religious fanatics are on their way to get your brains back in place, please don’t hang up.



Oh dear, I must be going to a very warm place for this!


Now, seriously, who came up with an idea of religion and is it mandatory? It’s not like you will get arrested for not believing in some sort of God, but you are then a devil worshiper and you will burn in hell! Does anyone wait until we are old enough to choose religion ourselves? No. From an early age most of us get to witness this disturbing dude who yells “repent and you shall be saved!!!”, as the veins on his forehead are close to exploding! It’s like our sanity mostly depends on the family we are born in, and of course, the community we are part of.


Our discoveries show that worshipping dates back to ancient Egypt, when locals would bow to Gods that came from the sky, who were then depicted as astronaut looking people in the old paintings. These Gods could’ve been the representatives of a more advanced civilization, perhaps not ”Thor & his friends from Asgard” kind of Gods, or at least not as cringy when making an entrance. Anyhow, it is obvious why the locals interpreted their visitations as something of a divine nature. If you take Sentinelese for example – the most isolated tribe known to the world, which barely had any direct contact with civilization, and land a few state of the art Apache helicopters on their island, how do you think they will react?


”Oh, look my spear brothers, it’s the AH-64D Apache model with a crew of 2 anthropologists and 3 soldiers about to land on our lawn and ask how we are doing here!”


Of course, it is when we compare things, we can assess them. If we were to come across a race that’s 100 billion years old, with unfathomable level of advancement, we would feel as primitive as chimps and see them as saviors, angels, demons, invaders, or Marvel’s Avengers, you name it.



With that out of the way, let’s ask the big question – “how does religion function today?”. Well, it uses people as puppets to represent certain agendas of certain groups, as well as control the masses. There are about 4200 religions in the world, plus all the different versions of the same religion. If you are familiar with “divide and rule” strategy, it should be obvious that we, the people, are divided by 4200+ dogmas, and thus easily controlled. We serve the interests of those who have no interest in us, and many of us, don’t even realize the full extent of what the worshipping is about. People don’t do their homework, they simply jump on the bandwagon like it’s a trend or something. It’s funny, we don’t let random people decide what clothes we wear, what food we eat, but we do allow them to impose their religious beliefs on us, which is life altering!


I believe in God, but I don’t believe in our religions, because if our religions were based only on a real, all loving and merciful God, they would never: impose anything upon anyone, dictate what is right and what is wrong, lie and divide people, commit faith-driven terrorism and crimes against humanity under its cover, promote prejudice and all types of discrimination, commit sacrifices and make anyone hurt themselves in the name of a belief, enslave or imprison anyone, send anyone to war, in any way restrict anyone and limit one’s thinking.


Nobody should ever decide what you have to believe in, because it’s personal. Sometimes our faith is all we have left, and it should be originating from within us. Otherwise, it is merely a “sheep effect”.


Written by SilentRoy

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